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Are you also overwhelmed by the number of negative messages, constant complaining and even worse weather? Here are 12 proven techniques to maintain a positive attitude in the negative world. Because if you want to change your reality - first change your thoughts about Yoga Teacher Training India!

1. Control the number of negative messages
I try to stay up to date with world events, but sometimes one headline is enough to put me in a gloomy mood. That is why I limit the time spent with TV, radio and internet, choosing only a few interesting stories from the entire information stream.

2. Control the number of negative people in your life
I spend most of my days talking to patients and their problems. However, outside of work, I can choose how much time I spend with my family and friends who enjoy negative energy. No matter how painful it can sometimes be, my calendar sometimes lacks space for those who consistently bother me.

3. Listen to Music
I always have positive music to listen to in the car, at home and at work. My playlist is uplifting. I can feel blissful and wonderful with just a few clicks on my phone.

4. Meditate
I practice Kirtan Kriya taught by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa because it takes 12 minutes with mantras and mudras, which are very simple. I often do them in the sauna, which is why I call it saunaization, because it allows me to remove rubbish from my head.

5. Live consciously
Awareness of my breath, the origin of food, the blue sky, the purple flower, the singing of a bird: it all introduces me to a sense of gratitude in a moment that overcomes the forces that pull me down.

6. Practice Gratitude
Appreciate people for everything they do to help you during the day. This should always be your goal. Helping others, holding the door, buying a surprise coffee for someone standing behind me in a queue (I call it a random act of caffeine) or allowing someone to cross the intersection, it can be encouraging for you and others.

7. Pray
In my faith, there are several prayers that are said right after waking up. This simple prayer expresses thanks for the ghost's return to the body after a night's rest. Another prayer is strange, but it's one of my favorites: it was written over 1000 years ago and is recited after urinating or stooling to admit that the body is still a miracle. Although it is a strange blessing to deal with bowel and bladder patients, I appreciate both prayers for how mundane this moment of reflection becomes.

8. Read Positive Books and Interviews
I read the works of Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Og ​​Mangino and Louise Hay, but returning to them from time to time is always a positive experience. Also, I choose TED conferences that describe new innovations, challenges and insight into nature, which makes me feel better after them.

9. Give out hugs
I love hugging others, and if my patients allow it, I hug and scratch on the back most of my visitors who make me smile. I can only observe decreasing stress in others and decreasing my own stress level.

10. Disconnect
My phone is my pager, my social media or my calendar. The smartphone is a technical marvel that I keep close to my waist, in my hand or in the car. Some holidays spent with the family, however, require cutting off, be it one day a week, an hour in the yoga room, or during meditation. I'm working on keeping my phone and my brain at a healthy distance using a speakerphone or headphones, or Bluetooth.

11. Laugh
Years ago, writer Norman Cousins ​​introduced the healing power of comedy to sick patients and humor that can play an important role in wound healing. I often end my day watching a comedy for a few minutes. I leave the worries of that day aside, and in return I enjoy shaking with laughter and thinking positively about the coming day.

12. Connect With Animals
My work day ends when I come home and see two tails waving for joy. Then I have to lie down and let my dogs lick my face. I doubt the existence of better therapy after a long day and I am sure that many of you feel that the animal's love can overcome many negative emotions.
The Dalai Lama was quoted saying, "When we encounter a real tragedy in life, we can respond in two ways, either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits or taking on challenges to find our inner strength."

You will share your strategies with us for remaining positive and finding inner strength.


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