Freeze-dried food, why should you take it to the mountains?

In difficult conditions, good organization and accessories that help us survive count. Although we don't usually deal with extreme conditions on a daily basis, freeze-dried food is quite popular. What exactly is this type of food and why is it worth taking freeze-dried products in the mountains?

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Table of Contents

  • What is freeze-dried food?
  • Which freeze-dried dish can you buy?
  • Freeze-dried vegetarian dishes, is it worth it?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of lyophilization
  • Use-by date for freeze-dried food
  • Freeze-dried food ranking
  • Voyager
  • Travellunch
  • Trek'n Eat
  • Lyo Food
  • Where is freeze-dried food useful?
  • Lyophilisates, what to consider in choosing meals?

What is freeze-dried food?

Freeze drying is a process of dehydrating food, thanks to which it becomes smaller and lighter. Most importantly, food subjected to freeze-drying has a longer shelf life and this fact is behind its popularity. Virtually any dish, just like individual products, can be dehumidified. What does the process of freeze-drying food look like?

  • Dishes or food products are first frozen at a very low temperature of up to minus 40 degrees. Of course, frozen products are ready to eat.
  • The next stage is packaging the food, which is dehydrated in a vacuum machine.
  • Freeze-drying takes up 90% of water from food.
  • Tightly packed dishes retain their nutritional value. Due to the lack of water in the composition, freeze-dried food is dry and resistant to bacterial growth. In a word, it is longer for consumption. Much longer.
  • Freeze-drying in no way changes the composition of the food and does not require the use of artificial food additives. It's a fairly simple process in theory: you take water from the product, making it lighter and smaller. And when you want to start a meal, you "give back" the water you have collected by pouring boiling water over the meal in the appropriate quantities indicated on the packaging. You wait a few minutes and it's ready. Most dishes will be the same as before the process.

The freeze-dried food product automatically turns into a product with several years' expiry date. It is not deprived of nutrients. This is crucial for this type of food. Some classify food from the freeze-drying process in a group with instant dishes. Freeze-dried food, however, has nothing to do with Chinese chemical soups and other such "quick meals." The only similarity is that both types of meals are poured with hot water for cooking. Freeze-drying, however, allows you to eat a full-fledged dish, not instant soups. For this reason, freeze-dried food is quite expensive, and yet we get an average instant dish for just a few zlotys.

Which freeze-dried dish can you buy?

Freeze-dried food does not have well-defined products that can be dehydrated during freeze-drying. We can easily find vegetarian and vegan dishes on the market, as well as wholesome meat dishes. Something tasty for everyone!

Not all meals that come from the freeze-drying process need to be dinner dishes. The stores also contain freeze-dried vegetables and freeze-dried fruits. Currently, comfort is that we have more than one dish to choose from. The field of freeze-drying food has developed a lot since the invention of this method of extending the shelf-life of food.

Freeze-dried vegetarian dishes, is it worth it?

It's a great convenience that vegan and vegetarian dishes are also available, which allow full-fledged meals wherever we don't have access to kitchens and shops. Dishes without meat are no different from those that are vegetarian when it comes to quality. However, it is important to choose the products of such a company that fully meets our requirements. More than one company produces or distributes freeze-dried food in Poland. We will tell ourselves below in our ranking about the average rating of producers on the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of lyophilization

Freeze-dried food actually has one big drawback, and that is the price. It's a bit like buying a meal out in the city every day, and you can't spend the day with only one meal in the field. Dishes of this type cost around PLN 20-30 per piece. However, we are sure that they are rich in nutritional values, tasty and have such a long shelf life that they will not be wasted. What are the benefits of freeze-dried food?

  • These are real dishes, not heavily processed food products "improved" by chemistry. Dishes from the freeze-drying process are caloric, but nutritious. Those that have value for our body. They are a real source of vitamins and energy to gain new places!
  • This type of food is relatively light and does not take up much space. Just in time to take a large supply with you and not strain your strength.
  • Expiry date of several years.
  • We can store this type of food at room temperature, It is also not necessary to carry dishes. The dish has everything you need.
  • No special skills are needed to prepare freeze-dried food. All you need is access to hot water and reading the instructions on the packaging. In this case, the amount of water is important: you can't add too much or too little water for the food to taste good.
    The benefits of freeze-dried products can be appreciated by everyone. Purchased from time to time also do not strain our portfolio.

Use-by date for freeze-dried food

We have already mentioned that the shelf life of each dish subjected to freeze-drying is several years. We just need to remember not to damage the packaging. Thanks to this, it will keep its freshness and fit for consumption. The long shelf life allows you to make supplies or prepare food once for a long journey.

Lyophilisates are, however, good not only during trips. It is a great alternative for people who do not have time to cook full-fledged meals during the day. Feeding on "boiled" alone is not healthy and quickly leads to a decrease in energy. What's more, such finished products are not cheap at all, so replacing them with lyophilisates is not a bad idea. Everyone has access to a kettle at work, and therefore hot water. This is quite enough to prepare a full-fledged, tasty (!) Dinner in a few minutes. Actually, in a minute, because it takes so long to complete the instructions: open, pour hot water and close for 10 minutes.

Freeze-dried food ranking

Freeze-dried food, or so-called freeze-dried food, is quite tasty and enjoys great popularity. Initially, it was a way of survival for the army. Today it is becoming more and more popular among travelers and everyone who loves trips to the wild. What type of food is worth buying? We invite you to a small ranking.


We will start the ranking with a brand that enjoys fairly average ratings on the Polish market. This is not a national distributor, and quite high prices do not always go hand in hand with meals. The first thing that catches the eye are packaging that is not flat, but seems to be filled with air, which unnecessarily increases their volume. A bit like chips, where half a pack is nothing. Small portions and not always tasty. Voyager will certainly not be number one for many, but these meals are certainly edible and have a good composition. The price for a package is around 25 zlotys. The packaging is paper and the composition is clearly described with an allergen specification.


Travellunch meals are one of the most popular in our country, although the ratings of these meals are not always the highest. The manufacturer's dishes are not from Poland but from Germany, but are known and willingly bought all over the world. Travellunch meals have quite a good composition, no preservatives. Unlike some other brands, this company specializes in classic meals such as pasta, cereal, potatoes with meat and rice with vegetables, which are not free of allergens. It can be said that Travellunch is not really trying to be eco and veg, which other brands are eager to advertise. The evaluation of a selected meal often depends on its type: it's partly a matter of taste and partly the quality of cooking the meal itself. The price for a package is around PLN 40.

Trek'n Eat

Trek'n Eat lyophilisates are known all over Europe and have recently become popular also in Poland. The producer advertises his meals as 100% natural and fully valuable. No flavor enhancers or preservatives. Indeed, most of them are very good quality meals, but there are artificial additives in dishes. Fortunately, there is information on the packaging about it, so we do not have to simply choose them from a really rich offer. In Trek'n Eat we will find not only dinners and breakfasts, but also desserts. Smuggle the dessert with you into places where it is not possible to take unnecessary things with you, such a dessert is like a dream come true!


A barrier in online shopping may be the lack of a website in Polish. Trek'n Eat food is easily available through Polish websites, i.e. stores that cooperate with Trek'n Eat. Meals of this brand have different ratings: some people like them very much, others think they are better. The store's offer is one of the best. This can also be seen in the price, because meals from this manufacturer cost a little. We pay around PLN 30 for the famous Chilli Con Carne.

Lyo Food

Lyo Food products are quite well known and easily available on the web. The brand advertises itself as using only natural ingredients. Therefore, the dishes do not contain preservatives or taste enhancers. The offer is rich in meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes. What's more, most meals are eco-certified. We also get vegan meals in the home version. All dishes in this series do not have gluten. Lyo Food dinners are therefore for people who value a specific cuisine, in this case mainly vegan and attach great importance to the great quality of consumed products. The price for dinners is quite high here. Packaging may cost even over PLN 30. However, the site has very often favorable sales offers.

It is important to read the compositions of freeze-dried dishes. Not all of them have 100% natural composition. Some brands (we did not mention them here) add flavor enhancers and other, not necessarily healthy, additives to their recipes. It is true that what is unhealthy often tastes wonderful, but in this case, for the price, it is worth choosing the best.

Where is freeze-dried food useful?

Freeze-dried food is not the result of seeking new experiences in the kitchen. It was created as a response to the need to survive in difficult conditions: war, while trying to conquer space and the like. Storing, transporting and eating this type of food is much simpler. Therefore, they are now eagerly used in less extreme situations. For example, during longer trips to the mountains, traveling, i.e. wherever it is important to take full equipment with you and the possibilities are limited.

Lyophilisates, what to consider in choosing meals?

Lyophilisates, like classic dishes, have different flavors. Very often, what we consider tasty, our companions no longer taste. Therefore, when choosing freeze-dried food products, it is worth following not only the opinion about the taste, but also other factors that we will mention in a moment. The best idea to start with is to try one dish from each selected brand to finally assess what is best for us. In the meantime, it's also good to be guided by the following factors.

  • Note the packaging of the product. Will it be comfortable to eat without having the right dishes? Is the packaging easy to open, biodegradable or plastic?
  • The information contained in the description of the composition of dishes is an important issue for allergy sufferers or people who follow a strict diet and do not eat certain foods, such as meat.
  • If you are not interested in long-term food supplies, do not be afraid to look for promotions on the web. Lyophilisates are often available on promotion, which allows you to buy an expensive meal at a slightly cheaper price.
  • It's definitely better to bet on pasta or porridge meals than those with potatoes. Food supplemented with water rather regain its original consistency, but in the case of potatoes with meat it will never be a separate piece of meat next to appetizing puree. Potato dinners enjoy the least positive opinion. Probably because they resemble a pale mush with a small amount of jagged meat.

Although it is hard to get unambiguous opinions in the case of lyophilisates, they are tasty and constitute a very good alternative to normal dinners. Especially where we can't afford such a dinner. Travelers have been reaching for lyophilisates for a long time to consciously nourish their body during increased activity. Recently, these types of meals have also been advertised as an excellent offer for overworked people who are cooking too much. For example, such a pasta, flooded with boiling water, will turn into a very tasty dish after a few minutes. Much more valuable than instant soups, and just as quick to prepare. Sounds pretty tempting, right?